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MTS201AC: Introduction to Machinery and Equipment Valuation View More Details

LEARNING OBJECTIVE: The objective of this course is to introduce appraisal terminology and concepts and provide students with a solid foundation for a career in appraisal of machinery and equipment. This course covers MTS appraisal terminology; functions and purposes of appraisals; introduction of the three approaches to value; depreciation and factors affecting depreciation; field inspection techniques and safety; introduction to the issues of indexes in machinery and equipment appraising; basic pricing exercises for current and obsolete assets; ethics and professional standards.

LEVEL: Basic

REQUIRED READING: All students are required to purchase the following text, sold separately in order to complete the course. Valuing Machinery and Equipment: The Fundamentals of Appraising Machinery and Technical Assets 4th Ed.

(27 Hours with a 3-hour exam)

•   No ASA re-accreditation credit will be awarded for the online or audio versions of this course for designated members who have previously taken the course.

•   Includes access to downloadable materials for audio files (mp3) and Student Manual (pdf). The proctor agreement form (needed for the exam) will be emailed.

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