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MTS Courses - Machinery and Technical

MTS201 - MTS203 are each 27 hours with a 3-hour exam. MTS204 is 27 hours with a 4-hour exam. These offerings will cover the same topics and information as the classroom offerings. Course fee includes a student manual.

Please note: No ASA re-accreditation credit will be awarded for the online or audio versions of these courses for designated members who have previously taken the course.

MTS201AC: Introduction to Machinery and Equipment Valuation View More Details

The objective of this course is to introduce appraisal terminology and concepts and provide students with a solid foundation for a career in appraisal of machinery and equipment. This course covers ME appraisal terminology; functions and purposes of appraisals; introduction of the three approaches to value; depreciation and factors affecting depreciation; field inspection techniques and safety; introduction to the issues of indexes in machinery and equipment appraising; basic pricing exercises for current and obsolete assets; ethics and professional standards.


MTS202AC: Machinery and Equipment Valuation Methodolody View More Details

The objective of this course is to explore in depth the ideas introduced in MTS201 and provide students with a better understanding of the types of value commonly used in the appraisal of machinery and equipment. This course addresses the issues of price vs. value; indirect costs; use of and development of indexes; age-life concepts; recommended rounding of figures; types of values for M&E appraisal - reproduction cost new, replacement cost new, replacement cost depreciated, fair market value in use, orderly liquidation value, forced liquidation value; supporting conclusions for various purposes.


MTS203AC: Advanced Topics and Case Studies View More Details

The objective of this course is to introduce more advanced concepts and techniques than those taught in MTS201 and MTS202. A review of case studies illustrating a range of operating entities will be employed. This course will explore exponential pricing techniques; cost estimation; reproduction vs. replacement costs; quantifying functional obsolescence; use of research data; time value of money calculations, and more.


MTS204AC: Advanced Topics and Report Writing View More Details

The objective of this course is to apply all the knowledge gained in the previous courses to the valuing of facilities and the completion of a professional appraisal report. This course also provides a comprehensive review of the concepts studied in the previous three courses.


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